Terra Founder Do Kwon Is Not Sitting Down! New Transfer of 5292 Bitcoin!

Terra Founder Do Kwon Is Not Sitting Down! New Transfer of 5292 Bitcoin!

In a surprising turn of events, Do Kwon, the founder and CEO of Terraform, has made headlines once again. After escaping in the wake of the massive collapse of Terra (LUNA) last year and being captured in March, Do Kwon is currently awaiting extradition to South Korea. However, this has not stopped him from making moves in the crypto world.

According to reports from South Korea’s local news agency Digital Asset, 5292 Bitcoins owned by the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) and Do Kwon have been transferred to another crypto wallet earlier this week. The transaction, which took place on July 3, is worth approximately $163 million. This recent development has raised eyebrows and left many speculating about the motives behind such a significant transfer.

It is important to note that prior to the 5292 BTC transfer, three smaller transactions of 0.0211 BTC were made between LFG and an anonymous wallet on June 22 and 23. These transactions seemingly foreshadowed the large BTC transfer that occurred on July 3. The wallet to which the Bitcoins were transferred is linked to Do Kwon’s Luna Foundation Guard’s Binance wallet, which was created in January 2021 to protect the price of LUNC (Terra Classic).

While the identity of the owner of the anonymous wallet remains unknown, it is clear that there is no direct connection to Do Kwon himself. This raises questions about the intentions and motivations behind the transfer. Could this be a strategic move to protect the value of LUNC? Or is there another motive at play?

The Significance of the Transfer

The significance of this transfer extends beyond the immediate implications for Terra and Do Kwon. It signals a continued interest and involvement in the cryptocurrency market, even while facing legal troubles. It showcases the resilience and determination of individuals in the crypto space, who continue to innovate and take risks despite the challenges they may face.

Terraform, the company founded by Do Kwon, is known for its blockchain platform that focuses on stablecoins and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. The Terra network utilizes its native cryptocurrency, LUNA, as collateral to issue stablecoins pegged to various global currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and the Korean won. Terra has gained significant attention and support within the crypto community, with partnerships and integrations with major players like Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi.

The recent transfer of 5292 Bitcoins further highlights the potential impact that Terra and its associated projects can have on the broader crypto ecosystem. As the crypto market continues to evolve, platforms like Terraform are playing a crucial role in providing decentralized financial services and stable digital currencies. This transfer serves as a testament to the growing importance of stablecoins and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in traditional financial systems.

The Future Implications

Looking ahead, the future implications of this transfer are uncertain. It is unclear how this event will impact the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding Do Kwon and Terraform. However, one thing is for certain – the crypto world is dynamic and constantly evolving. While challenges and setbacks may arise, individuals and companies like Do Kwon and Terraform continue to push boundaries and make waves in the industry.

As the crypto market matures and regulations continue to develop, it is crucial for investors and enthusiasts to stay informed and exercise caution. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and thorough research and understanding are essential before making any investment decisions.


In conclusion, the recent transfer of 5292 Bitcoins owned by the Luna Foundation Guard and Do Kwon raises intriguing questions and piques curiosity within the crypto community. Despite facing legal troubles, Do Kwon’s continued involvement in the crypto space demonstrates resilience and determination. The significance of this transfer extends beyond Terra and Do Kwon themselves, indicating the growing importance of stablecoins and decentralized finance. As the crypto market evolves, it is crucial to stay informed and navigate the ever-changing landscape with caution.

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