Binance Temporarily Suspends Support for Multichain Tokens

Binance Temporarily Suspends Support for Multichain Tokens

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will temporarily suspend support for the deposits and withdrawals of several cross-chain bridge tokens associated with the Multichain project. This decision comes in response to a previous incident that occurred in May, which caused complications with the Multichain protocol. The suspension, set to begin on July 7, will affect tokens including Polkastarter (POLS), Alchemy Pay (ACH), Beefy.Finance (BIFI), Harvest Finance (FARM), and others.

The Multichain Project and Its Challenges

The Multichain project is a cross-chain bridge platform that allows for the seamless transfer of tokens across different blockchain networks. It has gained popularity for its ability to enable interoperability and liquidity across various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. However, the project faced technical issues in May, resulting in numerous stuck transactions and operational disruptions.

During the crisis, several pathways of Multichain’s cross-chain bridge, including Kava, zkSync, and Polygon zkEVM, were rendered non-operational. Initially, the Multichain team attributed the problem to technical hiccups, but later clarified that certain routes remained non-operational due to “force majeure” reasons. Rumors also circulated that the CEO of Multichain, Zhaojun, had been detained by the Chinese police, causing concerns about the project’s leadership and upgrade capabilities.

Binance’s Response and Implications

The recent decision by Binance to suspend support for Multichain-related tokens is a follow-up to the previous action taken on May 24. Binance temporarily suspended support for deposits of some tokens transferred via Multichain at the time. The exchange has not provided specific reasons for the suspension but emphasized that users can still deposit and withdraw the impacted tokens through other supported networks.

The suspension of Multichain-related tokens on Binance is significant, as the exchange is a major trading platform for these tokens. It may impact the liquidity and trading volume of these assets, potentially leading to price fluctuations and investor uncertainty. Traders and investors who rely on Binance for accessing and trading these tokens will need to explore alternative platforms to carry out their transactions.

Implications for the Multichain Project

The Multichain project currently oversees over $1.3 billion in assets minted through its cross-chain platform, with significant amounts deployed on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Fantom. The suspension on Binance may disrupt the flow of these assets, potentially affecting the overall usability and functionality of the Multichain platform.

It remains to be seen how this suspension will impact the long-term prospects of the Multichain project and its associated tokens. Market participants will closely monitor any updates from Binance regarding the resumption of support for Multichain tokens. In the meantime, users are encouraged to explore alternative trading avenues to ensure uninterrupted access to these tokens.

Reflections on the Cryptocurrency Market

The temporary suspension of Multichain-related tokens on Binance reflects the challenges and complexities of operating in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. It underscores the need for robust and reliable cross-chain infrastructure, along with transparent and effective communication between project teams and exchange platforms. As the crypto industry continues to mature, it is crucial for projects like Multichain to address any technical issues promptly to maintain user trust and confidence in their platforms.


Binance has announced a temporary suspension of support for Multichain-related tokens on its platform, citing complications with the Multichain protocol. This decision follows a previous incident in May, which caused operational disruptions for the Multichain project. The suspension may impact liquidity and trading volume of the affected tokens, potentially leading to price fluctuations. It remains to be seen how this will affect the long-term prospects of the Multichain project and its associated tokens. Market participants are advised to monitor updates and explore alternative trading options.

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