There has been a buzz on Crypto Twitter this week, with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Block CEO Jack Dorsey criticizing Apple for removing the decentralized social networking app Damus from the App Store. Apple requested Damus to remove its Bitcoin donation feature and integrate Apple’s in-app payment mechanism within two weeks, but even after Damus updated its app, Apple still removed it. Dorsey expressed concern over Apple’s interference with users’ and creators’ financial freedom, while Armstrong described this attitude as detrimental to Apple’s brand. Meanwhile, Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor announced his support for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., positioning him as the cryptocurrency-friendly president. Saylor also revealed that MicroStrategy purchased an additional 12,333 BTC worth about $347 million, bringing the company’s total Bitcoin holdings to 152,333, valued at around $4.52 billion. In other news, Solana announced its partnership with Hulu for the production of new episodes of Futurama, which appear to make references to cryptocurrency and the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Prime Trust LLC, a cryptocurrency custodian, has been accused by Nevada’s Financial Institutions Division of losing access to digital wallets and using customer funds to purchase cryptocurrency. Lastly, Bloomberg ETF expert Eric Balchunas explained that ARK Invest’s amended proposal for a Bitcoin spot ETF has given the company an advantage over BlackRock, indicating that other companies are looking at BlackRock’s request for inspiration. This week has been relatively quiet in the cryptocurrency world, but enthusiasts have still found plenty of topics to discuss on Crypto Twitter.